How to Make Wedding Cupcakes With a Muffin Pan

Are you trying to think of an unique wedding cake idea? Try wedding cupcakes. They are easy to serve and pleasing to the eye. Plus, clean up couldn’t be easier thanks to the disposable cupcake liners. Learn how to make wedding cupcakes with a muffin pan!

How to Make Wedding Cupcakes

Make wedding cupcakes as you would any normal cupcakes. You can use cake mix, a homemade cake recipe from a cookbook, or your own recipe.

But let’s face it: weddings can be pretty large gatherings. Therefore, we recommend using boxed cake mix to save time. However, this is your custom cupcake display, so go the extra mile if you desire!

Make your wedding cupcakes by:

  1. Picking your cake flavor(s). Follow the box or written recipe to make the batter.
  2. Making and cooling all of the cupcakes.
  3. Having 2 or more muffin pans in the oven at a time based on oven capacity. You can get batches finished quicker this way.
  4. Thoroughly cooling your cupcakes 45 mins to an hour before icing.
  5. Picking your icing flavor(s). Ice and decorate the cupcakes as desired.
  6. Have your cupcakes chill before it’s time to display.

Watch YouTuber, Areesa’s video here on how to make wedding cupcakes from start to finish. She was tasked to make 150 cupcakes flavored hot chocolate and hot vanilla as well as a small personal cake to to go on top of the display. This was for the bride and groom to cut into during the reception.

And the crazier part is that Areesa did this cupcake display all by herself!

Speaking of doing it alone, we recommend these tips when making wedding cupcakes.

  • Don’t do it alone, if possible.
  • Enlist the help of family or friends to help with different stages of cake decorating.
  • Have guests answer a cupcake flavor survey when they RSVP. This way, you can make cupcakes that guests will actually want to eat.
  • Be patient with every step of the process.

How to Decorate Wedding Cupcakes

Speaking of patience, let’s talk decorating. Decorating wedding cupcakes can seem challenging, especially when trying to think of ideas. Decorating is just as custom of an activity as making the flavored batter.

Decorate your cupcakes by:

  1. Picking frosting flavoring.
  2. Selecting a base design for the cupcake (swirls or stars for example).
  3. Make and place your toppers (if applicable).

Here’s some decorating tips.

  • Experiment with different icing tips to see the best design you like.
  • Be sure the cupcake decorations match the wedding color palette.
  • Flowers don’t have to be wedding cupcake toppers all the time.
  • Try pearls, birds, or whatever the bride and groom want as their cupcake toppers.

If you’re still stuck on how to decorate your wedding cupcakes, take a look at these inspirations on Pinterest to get you started. Pinterest is a website full of creative ideas to help inspire you on your final wedding cupcake design. Utilize it as a resource while brainstorming decorating ideas so that you have a variety of options to fall back on.

You can also watch Zoe Clark from The Cake Parlour here to see her way of decorating wedding cupcakes.

How to Display Wedding Cupcakes

Display your wedding cupcakes on a tiered display. This makes it easily accessible to wedding guests when it’s cake time. Clean up will be a breeze because all you have to do is disassemble the display at the end of the reception. Then there’s also cleaning up any loose cake crumbs or cupcake liners lying around.

You have a few options for when picking up a tiered display.

  • You can have a contractor customize the display out of strong cardboard or wood. Make it as many tiers as needed based on the amount of cupcakes needed.
  • Look at DIYs on Pinterest for cupcake display ideas to create your own.
  • Purchase a tiered display and build it using the package directions.

If you want a contractor to customize a tiered display:

  • Have it match the wedding’s color palette.
  • Be sure the display is big enough to accommodate all the cupcakes.
  • Place a decorative lining on each tier for added pop of color.
  • Maybe throw in a custom sign to make the tiered display extra special.

For example, there’s the Cupcake Tree. Watch the video here to get a visual on how to assemble the Cupcake Tree.

There are so many benefits of trying the Cupcake Tree.

  • It’s a five-tiered cupcake display made of strong cardboard
  • The top tier can hold up to a 15 pound cake.
  • It comes with 3 tubes to put under the bottom tier for extra strength and stability.
  • You can get answers to frequently asked questions included in the Cupcake Tree box.
  • There’s even decorating tips included in the box.
  • You can stick lace coverings on the uprights of the stand and around the top tier. This adds an extra professional and fancy look to the display.


Making, decorating, and displaying wedding cupcakes should be a fun and special time for everyone involved. It’s part of celebrating the bride and groom’s love. Now that you have some tips on how to make wedding cupcakes, you’re ready to get in the kitchen!