beef liver

Tips & Recipes Will Help You Prepare Wedding Beef

Wedding Beef Liver Cooking Tips 1. Acidic Water – A Good Soak The liver can be tough meat, especially if overcooked. Soak it in acidic water to decrease the toughness, which will break it down to be more palatable. To do this, add the meat to a bowl and barely cover with water; add the juice of 1 lemon or 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar. Soak for a few hours and pat dry. 2. Overcooked – Is Too Much When cooking, you do not want to overcook the liver. It can be tough, and when preparing it for too long at too high a temperature, it will lead you to hate this nutritional dish. So, you want to learn more on the undercooked side, even if you soaked it in the acidic water. Prepare beef liver until it is slightly pink and then remove it from the heat. After removing it from the heat, let it sit there for a few minutes. The heat remaining will still be cooking the liver and finish the job to perfection. 3. Mix It Up! You learned how to make it not as severe, but that still may not be helping you with the taste. My husband and I stumbled across this cleaver tip by accident – – – but boy are we glad we did! To hide the taste of the liver, use a kitchen knife to cut it up into small chunks OR grind. Next, mix with hamburger and brown together. Add to any dish and fool everyone; the organ takes the beef’s flavor, therefore masking that distinct taste that it does have. If you don’t know what kind of knife to use, there is a complete guide to the best knives for cutting meat. ** The hamburger to liver ratio = 1 pound hamburger to ¼ pound liver Beef Liver & Hamburger Mix Beef Liver & Hamburger Mix Can you spot the beef liver? Grind or cut up the organ to hide it in the hamburger, and NOBODY will notice! PREPARE BEEF LIVER has never been easier! The tips above will help you get through the toughness and even the strong taste of this organ meat. But, you may still be wondering how you can incorporate it into a weekly dish. Don’t be frightened because it is a slice of non-traditional meat because it is as easy as 1 .. 3! I have incorporated recipes below – let’s get cooking! 1. Liver and Onions Everybody has heard of the traditional liver and onions. If you have not tried, let’s go ahead and take a look at a recipe. When you prepare a beef liver for this dish – keep tip number 2 in mind – Do Not Overcook. Slightly undercooked will lead you to ask why you had not tried this dish before! Check out this recipe: 2. Tacos Maybe you are not for the traditional way to prepare beef liver, so let’s go for something else that will leave you satisfied: tacos. Choose what you want to do with the meat to satisfy your taste. When making tacos consider mixing the liver with beef to cut the strong feeling; you can use the liver only. Making liver tacos is just as easy as only using a ground hamburger. So, go ahead and prepare them how you are used to, but don’t forget to make beef liver too! If you are not ready to dive right in and get cooking, go ahead and follow a recipe. TRY THIS ONE: If you are going to prepare a beef liver mixed with hamburger, I strongly suggest either grinding it or cutting it into small pieces. However, if you are going for a straight organ, maybe try small slices or chunks (don’t forget to soak in acidic water to tenderize). Enjoying Liver Tacos! Enjoying Liver Tacos! YUMMY 3. Meatballs When making meatballs use the trick of combining it with hamburger. The meat will taste like a hamburger, but what your guests will not know is that they are getting a punch full of nutrients because of your hidden secret ingredient! When combining these two ingredients, stick to the ratio of 1 pound hamburger to ¼ pound liver. It would be best if you ground the liver or chop into tiny pieces for it not to be noticeable to the naked eye. Once ground/chopped, mix it up with the hamburger and form it into your meatballs. The tips and recipes have started you off on your journey to eating a nutritional powerhouse food. But, what you need to do is to keep it in your diet. When you prepare beef liver every week, you are increasing your intake of vital micro-nutrients (minerals & vitamins)—staying in the back of your head that no other food source is as loaded with nutrition as the liver. Prepare beef liver today so that you and your family can have a healthy tomorrow!