How to MC a Wedding

How to MC a Wedding

If you are looking to making your friend’s wedding memorable, being the Master of Ceremony (MC) is the ideal choice. As an MC, your main objective is to ensure the wedding is smooth. To achieve this, you need to take off the couple’s pressure to help them focus on having a good time. Being an MC can be intimidating, but with practice and after some time, you can be significant. Follow these steps to MC a wedding:

1. Familiarize with the schedule of the event

As an MC, you need to keep things moving forward in a timely and planned manner. Ergo, being involved with the entire process from the start is vital. Since the night belongs to the bride and groom, you need to help them have an awesome night.

2. Make announcements

A wedding MC is not only the host but also the communications person of the event. It would be best if you made announcements as required. When should people approach the tables? In what order? Where should the wedding presents be placed? A good MC should know what to announce through the microphone each time. For example, if you label the presents table, you do not need to make big announcements as people come in.

3. Effective communication with the event staff

To ensure no one from the bridal party or immediate family will spend their time wrangling with the catering staff, as an MC, you should help. An MC needs to introduce himself to the servers, cooks, DJ, or anyone who will be directly involved with the wedding. After presenting yourself, it is crucial to hear their opinions and needs.

4. Expect the unexpected

As an MC, it is essential to expect the unexpected to avoid surprises at a wedding. It is necessary to know what to do in case the PA goes nuts or if the catering group is understaffed. When you expect the unexpected, you come up with contingency plans to fix problems. A good MC is capable and willing to run the last minute errands, do extra chores, and do other things to make the difference. Do not fear to delegate tasks to other people. However, do not dictate or take everything yourself because you will not be sufficient.

5. Relax

While you need to take care of everything, it can be stressful to make announcements and get everyone to do as required. As you are looking to be a good MC, remember to have fun, relax, and have a good time. It is crucial to let people know what will happen to ease things up. When you chill out, you will have a good time being an MC at a wedding.


Finally, practice using the microphone before the reception. Did you know standing in front of people, talk and control them is difficult? It is even harder when you don’t know how to use a microphone or what to do if your microphone fails. Therefore, practice holding the mic right at the correct distance to avoid being loud or doing it wrong. In case you need help, don’t forget to inquire from professionals or experienced individuals.

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