What Is a Shotgun Wedding

What Is a Shotgun Wedding

This is a type of wedding that is arranged to avoid any kind of embarrassment that can arise as a result of premature sex committed, which leads to unintended pregnancy, which was out of the desires of the two participants. This scenario can happen where the father of the pride to b, whose girl is pregnant, puts threats and pressure to the groom who is reluctant for marriage to take place using a shotgun to ensure that the wedding should take place.

The main purpose of such kind of wedding to take place is to make sure that the two are married and the child to be raised up with both parents. Another reason behind a shotgun wedding can be to obtain resources that a man has out of the impregnation act. In most of the places across the globe, a shotgun wedding can be intended as one way of restoring the lost social honor to the mother as the practice is mostly a loop-hole method of avoiding the child born out of wedlock hence preventing the birth of illegitimate child or children whereby the marriage is arranged and takes place early enough as the conception occurs prior to the marriage.

For most of the scientists, the stigma that is connecting to the pregnancy can be enormous if it is out of the wedlock in spite of the defense that is legal of undue kind of influence is viewed as a prospective right by the father-in-law to gain resources. A couple can also arrange a shotgun wedding with no explicit outside motivation, as some religious teachings and beliefs consider the act being moral and impressive for one to get married when in such kind of situation.

Sexual immorality and premature sexual acts remain taboo to most of the social strata across the globe, and in many cases, the act of fornication is illegal and a crime. In such cultural milieu, a shotgun wedding can serve as to obscure the act as the baby was being conceived before marriage, and the wedding will be important, especially for the woman as it will prevent her from becoming a social pariah. Effects brought about by birth control and legalizing abortion has also been contributing to pregnancies that are not planned to take place.

In most cases, a shotgun type of wedding is forceful especially to the man’s side to marry a woman he is responsible of the pregnancy by his own parents, or it can be where girls’ parents are forcing the man to marry their own daughter as a result of social status or even wealth rather than the man’s desire to marry the woman. Generally, firearms may be or may not be used during the time of coercion, but rather threats are included. Never the less any type of wedding that happens when the bride is already pregnant even if there has never been social or family pressure being involved is as well termed as a shotgun wedding.

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