What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

With Summer officially upon us, so too are the various festivities that surround the season. One of the most common events are weddings, and many of those are carried out on beautiful beaches. As the invitations come rolling in, one of the most obvious questions to ask yourself might be – what do I wear to a beach wedding?! Not to fret, we have got you covered. The following is our guide to finding the perfect beach wedding attire.

Glamorous but Casual:

For most beach weddings, keeping it casual, while still looking elegant, is the way to go as far as guest attire. The invitation will likely indicate the dress code as beach, or casual- formal. This means you, of course, want to look nice but also destination appropriate.

Keep it Light:

Everyone knows being at the beach means lots of sunshine and plenty of sand. Heavy, dark fabrics should be put aside for light and airy fabric in a cut that promotes airflow. Nothing ruins a good look like sweat stains! Also, you might want to avoid floor-length gowns in favor of midi, or calf-length, dress.

Summery Colors:

Black is really never a good color for a wedding, no matter where the destination might be. When the event is taking place on the beach, summery, bright, and cheerful colors blend in with the atmosphere. Pastels, turquoise, and understated shades complement the vibe quite well. You should also consider the wedding theme and coloring scheme as well.

Shoes or No Shoes – That is the Question:

While many beach weddings do encourage you to go barefoot, pay close attention to what this specific function calls for. If it is a laid back, less formal affair (and you see that other guests are foregoing their footwear), feel free to kick off your shoes and relax. However, for more formal celebrations, comfortable but appropriately dressy footwear should be worn. Wedges and embellished sandals are always a good, sensible option.

For the Fellas:

Men typically wear a nice tuxedo or suit to a wedding, but that isn’t really going to work for nuptials that are being held on a sandy, sunny beach. So long as it is not a traditional formal wedding (rare for a beach gathering), linen or khaki pants paired with a lightly pressed, linen, or cotton, the button-down shirt would be sufficient. A sports jacket can combat the chill during the evening but a tie is not necessary. Top the outfit off with loafers or boat shoes (not black in color).

Honestly, the marriage ceremony is about the happy couple. Your job is to witness and support the couple during this special time. You want to look nice but not too flashy and be sure to stay in line with the theme of the event. Never wear anything that will take attention away from the wedding party, especially the bride, heed the dress code, and most importantly have fun with it. It’s a wedding, a symbol of everlasting love, a happy occasion, don’t overthink it!

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